Alpine & Mini-Alpine Goats

    Our herd of Alpine and Mini-Alpine Goats include:

  • 1 Buck
  • 7 Senior Does

  • 1 Senior Doe
  • 1 Junior Doe
  • 1 Junior Buck
  • 1 Wether

    With the recent addition of an Alpine buck, we'll be breeding for full Alpines as well as

    We are very pleased with our first Mini-Alpine "Jazz" who is producing at least 1/2 gallon
    of milk per day as a first freshener!  We are hopeful she'll be producing upwards of 3/4 of
    a gallon per day when she freshens next year which is a lot of  milk for a mini!!

    Our Alpine does are the cornerstone of our Mini-Alpine herd.  They come from lines bred
    for superior milk production and, in fact, are maintained here at Harmony Mountain Ranch
    to supply our family and baby goats with an endless supply of fresh quality milk.